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Welcome to Jungwirth Arts. The best choice for graphic design, CI-development, colourful art, illustrations and individual product design. On this page, you find useful information about the company.

If you have any requests or questions go ahead and contact me! contact me!

Best regards, Philipp Jungwirth

One Way Classic Energy drink. Created for Hum Home GmbH


You need a new logo, a webdesign or other advertising material? With Jungwirth Arts you can get everything starting with printdesign to screen- or productdesign. Production of products or programming of digital projects is taken care of by our partners, if you wish so. No matter what you need, we can provide you with everything.


There are many situations or things where you could need an illustration. Let it be a visualization of a technical process or many other things that require visual support. It could also be to compliment your wedding- or birthday invitation.

Artworks can be bought as original or as an art print. The price varies with motive and size of the artwork.


We offer various products in the style of "Jungwirth Arts". Send us a request via Mail or Instagram and we will find the perfect design for your product. Whether it is about cloth printing, painted china, articles of fashion or something else. Possibilities are endless!
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